Join us for a trip of  "this  life time" to see Medium Joao/John of God .

Connie &  Daniel Price are approved Casa Guides & Mediums since 2004.

2014 Trips:

June - TBA
Aug 11-23rd
August 18-30th 

email or call us with any questions.: 

783 2601

"I Do Not Heal ... God Heals 
John of God"

Oprah's Visit with John of God: You Are
Exactly Where You Need to Be

   I know that even the worst of times are always
preparing me for the best.

oprah winfrey

Left to right -    Heather Cummings, Medium Joao & Oprah

 "For Those Who Believe, No Words Are Necessary
For Those Who Do Not Believe

                                                  No Words Are Possible."
                                             Dom Inacio de Loyola


Medium João Texeira de Faria
John of Go


                             Who  John of God in Brazil ...

 João Teixeira de Faria, is the most powerful incorporated medium alive today and possibly the best-known healer of the past 2000 years.  

Medium Joao says :  “I do not cure anybody. God heals!
I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.”
– John of God.

The medium has no formal medical training. As an Incorporated Medium ... he gives over his consciousness to the spiritual realm of physicians . These entities give talks, examine the waiting masses and conduct visible
and invisible spiritual  interventions.  
It is estimated up to 15 million people have had some type of a spiritual intervention.  


                                                Your Guides: 

                                     Connie & Daniel Price

We feel very honored to be a Daughter & Son of the Casa, Mediums and also Casa Guides. We have been traveling to the Casa and assisting people since 2004.

Connie has received two visible spiritual interventions/surgeries herself and one just recently in November, 2013 .  She is very grateful for the Entities and Medium Joao for the healing she has received.

How we got to Abadiania:  Years ago, a Medium in Michigan said to Connie in her reading:  " I see you helping in a healing center near Annapolis.  This will become an important part of your healing work!"   We thought this was in Maryland ... until our first visit to the Casa in 2004.  Anapolis is a much larger town near Abadiania.  For us, the journey is continuing for us to assist and  help others on their healing path!

We believe that this  journey to the Casa Dom Inacio and seeing Medium Joao is a "gift" from God!    Join us for a trip of a lifetime ... We would indeed be honored to Guide You!

                                      Through  "God" all things are possible

Recommendations for Connie & Daniel 

We place great value on the nurturing of our spirits and level of guidance we received
on our first journey to the Casa. Daniel and Connie are mature professionals
with a knowingness that supports each individual entrusted in their service

                                                                       Mitzie & Larry Wasyliw


                                                                                                                                 Calgary, Alberta


           Natalie Smith, My Miracle
,  and  Life Changing Story 

I went un-diagnosed from approximately 2002 to 2004. Hospitalized over 17 times and even life flighted to the Cleveland Clinic. By the time I was diagnosed or labeled as I call it now, I had lost partial hearing from several infections, partial vision, became septic, kidney was shutting down, I had a un explained neuropathy, I was 20 pounds thinner, and I was in and out of a wheel chair. My label in 2004 was IgA deficiency, IgG- subclass 2 deficiency, CVID (common Variable Immune Deficiency), vitamin -D deficiency, vitamin -B 12 deficiency, malabsorption,  and complete anti body dysfunction.   I started IVIG and had severe side effects. Tried a lower dose, with hydration, steroids, etc. I had experienced 3 near deaths in which I saw many entities that surrounded me, spoke to me. I lived truly in the in between. I was always a woman of faith but was not prepared for what was to come.
I was maybe given 5 years to live due to the fact of how sick I was at the time of diagnosis. About a year and a half ago my life started a spiritual change with, my dreams, awaken state, and then my intuition. I was able to begin to open my mind to a healing first. All of these people started to come into my life in which guided me to my healing. It was very strange. I even questioned my sanity at times.

 I agreed to go through a  surrogate healing with John of God. A surrogate was in Brazil in place of me for a surgery. I was also sent passion flower herbs from Brazil to take 3 times a day for 58 days. I fasted from spicy foods, alcohol, and pork. My dreams became stronger, I could feel a group of individuals doing surgery on my body while I was asleep. I agree this sounds impossible. I have spent over 12 years in western medicine. I told my immunologist who is the director of immunology at Northwestern. He was skeptical but wanted to lower my IVIG and take my blood work

March 15, 2013 my blood work all came back normal including a normal IGA.   There is no known replacement for this. I am currently well, strong, and he to healthier than ever! I am only on 15 grams of IVIG every 4 weeks and will be off it soon. This has taught me many things including anything is possible in this world as long as you believe it is!  I can’t wait to go to Brazil and give my thanks for my healing!
                                                                                Natalie Smith, Chicago

"I am fortunate to have Connie and Daniel Price as friends.  They are wise, inspired, courteous, trustworthy and thoughtful people.  As companions on the spiritual path as guides, they are grounded in the heartfelt desire to be in service to the greater good and quick to take things lightly, with heaping doses of humor. 

                                                                                               Emma Bragdon, Ph.D.       
                                                                                      Author, "Spiritual Alliances: 


Our 2014 Tour Schedule 

  June... TBA

August 11-23rd  & August 23-30 th


Sept 30 - Oct 2 nd  - Omega -  Rhinebeck, NY 
email Connie about Omega -

Other dates TBA

One week is available for those who cannot do
the two weeks because of work, financial or family commitments.  
email Connie
we will try to help you and arrange a trip for you. 

We  will also try to help you find the best 
flight available too!

                                       USA - 517. 783.2601 office
Our Guide Fee:  $1800.00 - 12 nights
$900.00 for one week - 6 nights , plus Taxi to and from airport

 $500.00 deposit required
see the Paypal below for payment key
Final payment is due 30 days before trip.  
(Page Down to Paypal Area) 

Send Us Your Photo:  Before your trip, We are willing to take your photo with us on one of our trips (before your scheduled trip) and show your photo to Medium Joao and the Entities of Light  ... to start your healing process.   There is no charge for this service.  

If herbs are prescribed by the Medium /Entity the costs will be
approximately $30.00 plus Postal shipping back to you.  

Just send us your photo via email  with name, address, birth date to or call her at 517.783.2601 if you have any questions
about this procedure.

Our Services to You as Guides
We would like you to focus on Your Healing ... not details of planning this trip, 
please call us to help and ask any questions you may have or email us at:

Guidance regarding your pre-flights, passports & visa 

Making  your Pousada reservations

We will supporting you via phone on skype or in person during this process.  We would like to help you as much as we can.

Will send you a Travel Packing List with all the details

Taxi is included to and from airports with the group.  If you do not arrive with the group or leave before the group leaves  you will be responsible for the taxi .

12 nights - Standard Room - Beautiful Private Room with Bath at a lovely Pousada/Inn  -   Deluxe Rooms are an extra $20.00 a night and will be used if a standard room is not available because of  a late booking or special request!

If you stay beyond the  tour of 12 nights - or the six nights ... you will be responsible for the additional
lodging costs per night.

Blessed Casa Water in your Room upon arrival

wi fi  internet in your Pousada room

Three Wonderful Meals each day 

A Orientation & Support meeting late Tuesday after you have rested from your flight.  Resting after the flight is very important

 A Tour of the Casa late Tuesday afternoon

One Crystal Bed Session

We will help you with the protocols and procedures  of the Casa and what is needed while you are on this trip. 

A Casa Guide Book before you go to help you with information, protocols at the casa to help you. 

We will be right there with you to present your requests ...
each time you see Medium Joao/John of God. 

We will help you focus on your healing and help you integrate this energy
while on the trip.

We  will schedule individual guidance & support meeting times to talk about how you are doing ... 

or what you maybe needing.

 A 10% donation to the Casa in support of this amazing work.

A Follow-up with you to help answer any questions you have 
once you return.

Not Included:

Your Airfare
Travel Insurance
Herbs prescribed by the Entities of Light  
Crystal Baths
Personal Gifts
Blessed Water 

The Taxi to and from the airport are
 not included if you are not traveling with the 
group dates ... or leave earlier than the group dates

Travel Insurance:
ou will need Travel insurance to go on this trip -
see below for suggestions.

Suggested websites for Airfare:

Web sites for flights to/from
 Brasilia - BSB or Goiania GYN airports:

Travel Insurance Sites: 

payment via US mail or Paypal:   

You can reserve your space with a deposit by mail.
end your payment of $500.00 check or money order to   
Connie Price -   1004 West Michigan Avenue, Jackson, Michigan 49202

Phone: 517. 783. 2601 with any questions 

3% is the added charge for using Paypal
Brazil Trip Deposit of $500.00 to hold your space. 
Brazil Remaining Balance after Deposit Paid 
Brazil Trip (2 week) Paid in Full
                                looking  forward to hearing from you ...

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